Great Expectations

My daughter, Rebecca just posted this. It is not only well thought but well written. It is well worth the read.


Sometimes I think it is easy to expect too much of ourselves, other people, life itself… and perhaps even God. Expectations, in short, are demands. They are the transformations of what we hope for into something that we want. That want becomes need. The things we once hoped for become things that we “need”. We start to think that “need” must be fulfilled in a specific way—a specific way that we come to expect. If the fulfillment does not come via the expected method, then there is no satisfaction but disappointment. This disappointment often turns into a dark spiral of resentment and bitterness. Such a spiral squelches hope.

So, what exactly is the difference between hope and expectation? Perhaps expectation is a sign of needing to be in control, whereas hope is open-ended? Hope is a request versus a demand. A person who is in hope is also…

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