About Bill’s Blog

After 25 years of pastoral ministry and 4 with my own consulting/coaching business the Lord brought me into employment with a Fortune 100 company as a strategic consultant.  In the past I hosted a website with a blog for business purposes and had a great time fiddling around with writing and video posts.  With this shift in life course it seemed appropriate to start something new and fresh and, frankly, just for the fun of it.

If you found your way to this you are either family or a close friend, or were invited to check it out by them.  The purpose is to have a place to think out loud, perhaps stimulate some conversations and record some of the life lessons the Lord has taught us over the years, as well as reflect on current ones.

Both Barbara and I like to explore wherever we live.  We loved exploring San Francisco and the surrounding area for the 10 years that we lived in the Bay Area.  We had some great times doing so with our good friends Cory and Mary Bihr.  We did the same in the 20 years we lived in Louisville before moving to California.  Now that we are back in Louisville we are going to pick up where we left off.  You will find some writing here about that.

In our years of pastoral ministry and coaching many have asked us to write about the things we shared from the pulpit and in our personal times together.  The Lord has given us some insights and perspectives into Him and life that have proven valuable to some and we will be sharing them here.  Since this is a new start I am going to feel free to write about some of the things we had on our previous website so, if you were a follower then there might be some repetition, but, hey, that is not a bad thing.

I will also be sharing book reviews and recommendations from some of the things we are reading.  And, since this is about having fun who knows what will show up.  I have been collecting quotes for years and might put some of those up in categories.  Good jokes… anything is possible.

Feel free to share this with anyone you think might find value in any of the posts.  If you enjoy what you read click the follow button, if not erase the web cookie.  🙂

With great hope in Him,


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