Morning Thoughts with the Grandkids

I love you, I believe in you, and I am proud of you!

Several years ago my oldest grandson started college and hit a rough patch (who hasn’t at that stage of life?) We agreed that I would send him a daily text of encouragement. He and I started by going through the words of Jesus recorded in the gospels. Since then, with his permission, I have added the other grandkids. Now I choose a reading from the Anglican lectionary and reflect on that through the week. It has become so much a part of my own life that the day doesn’t feel complete without it.

This is a collection of those reflections, somewhat edited for each week. I close every daily text with, “I love you, I believe in you, and I am proud of you.” I don’t care how old one becomes we all need to hear and feel those words regularly. I am recording these for my family. If anyone else stumbles across them and finds value in them, all the better.

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